Sunday, April 13, 2008

Of friends and faces

People like seasons come and go. They grace your life then leave. On your part, you wanted to end it amicably as much as possible even to the point of taking out the pride, thus giving in. I did it but to no avail.

Normally, it would upset me. But this time, I am left with no tears. After hurling like one loose cannon, I felt guilty and said sorry. Maybe, it was a little too late or maybe the one to whom I rendered my apology just can't accept it.

People have different thresholds. That point of limitation wherein she finds herself totally fed up. And once such has been touched and hurt, she totally shuts down. I did that several times too. This time, I don't know why...but I am not into shutting down, or giving up just yet, not until I said what is truly inside my heart.

I have friends who left with no closure at all. And being the person as I was, I asked for it. But when no positive response came of it...I gave up.

I have friends who stay with me forever- in heart and mind. And being the person as I am, I welcome it. And when no positive response comes of it...I never give up. I wait...

I know my limitations and after exhausting all means known to myself...I find my threshold's end.
When it happens, I let go.

There are people...coming in but seeking not their way out;
There are people...coming and leaving as their only way out;
There are those who leave with closure and those who leave with none;
Nevertheless...they are all friends acting like strangers...ones with faces unknown to man.

"when we let people in, let us think that they'll not always stay,
that they too banish like scent in mid-air."

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