Wednesday, January 30, 2008

in my mind...

Today started out typically the same. I woke up, drank coffee and ate my brunch, did some emailing then did my laundry. As it went out, I started receiving messages- inspirational ones from friends. And then I asked, "these all started out as thoughts from people...rhythmic lines of womanly and manly souls."

Yes, we often ignore or not pay attention to these messages, the forwarded ones. I was one of those. My friend Roel even knew how I ignored forwarded texts, for normally my thinking runs like this- if you want to check out on me, see if I'm okay, why not ask me straight?

But now, thinking of how forwarded messages come to life, I started appreciating each if not the person sending it. It's his/her way of saying hi. An expression of kindness and thought. A manner of showing how one gives importance to you...that he/she just wanted to let you know how you are still remembered...valued. Of course, there are those who picked it up out of habit. But what the heck? The fact that they invested their humbly peso means something after all. That such is well- spent on behalf of a friend,who may or may not react to it, yet knows you're there.

"Words are like leaves,
You say and utter them like flowing breaths of air.
They fall and could vanish before you know it,
But the meaning stays like imprints of time bared."

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my thoughts for the day...

For quite some time, I have been wondering about how I fared in life these past years. I was once a dreamer, an idealist, always seeing things based on how I envision them to be. Seeking purpose in each day...overwhelming myself with the vastness of the world, overlooking the dreadful thought of realism.

Now...I have found myself still dreaming. Living in a life with all its' imperfections. Seeking love that is too daunting... I have left years ago with a courageous heart just to feel the rawness of emotions after.

New year, new dreams.
New life, new bliss.
Be armed with perception so real...
As it will leave you breathless, still.