Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The thing about my birthday :)

I've been hibernating for quite some time now,hehe. I have lots of work to do and don't get me wrong, I am definitely not complaining. It's just that I never got to realize how time passes that fast, it's like looking straight into something that suddenly disappears, whew!!!

Anyway, I've decided to post my entry on this very special birthday :)
Let me start with the 'good and best things'
  1. I had a new set of project to work on.
  2. I am continually enjoying my job.
  3. I am spending this day with my hubby, Mark :)
  4. I will skip writing just for a day to give time to myself.
  5. I will make sure to finish all my tasks come weekend.
I know, this list is very work-oriented, kind of personal too but it only shows how I value my work as a writer. For those who knew me well enough, they would either think of me as a workaholic or as an addict,hehe. Meaning, I tend to forget things due to my writing. But for those who claim that they knew me well enough...well, no comment :)

To be honest, I am a very simple person with very simple needs. I take joy in everything that makes me happy, even through the simplest of ways. Whenever I learn of a friend's success, I take pride in their achievements. Whenever I learn of their mistakes, I tend not to judge but instead learn.

I have so many things to be thankful for. In fact, if I'm about to list every detail, it would take me basically a lifetime. My life is so imperfect that I find its hidden perfections; how it completes me in the process and how I end up being who I am now.

I have my share of mistakes...many of them in fact. Some of which bear scars that would never heal or leave my mind. However, God has taught me one thing and that is how to redeem myself through soft-spoken words. How I need to re evaluate things if necessary and apply what is meant for each.

I love my husband, his affectionate ways, his trust....
I love my mother, despite her weaknesses and our trials...
I love my relatives, my aunts, for I see a part of me in them...
I love my friends, for through them, I seek support and advice.

Each of them makes me who I am as a grand daughter, daughter, niece, sister, friend, and wife.
They are like my multi-colored bubbles, which spring out of nowhere, adding zest and spice in my life.

The thing about my birthday is...I get a year older but with an upper hand :)