Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Strange is a person who loves for he merely thinks of his emotions and himself...
Strange is the person who fears for he is afraid of something he will eventually meet...
Strange is a person who keeps on dreaming, for in his mind he knew of its failing...
Strange is one who finds others worthy when in truth everyone is not thinking of him.

Love presents a couple of strange ways, with hopes of bringing not a start but mere end,
Love is strange when you feel that the one you love has been lost forever.

Strange can be nice and easy..
It can be hard too and stiff,
But regardless of how strange life can be...we are always willing to suffer and live.

May the glorious past of mankind redeem itself
For in our ways lie the truth of our beings.
We can never be sure of tomorrows nor ends.
But we can be certain of love that is unfolding each minute.

To those who I have loved and shared myself...
I want you to keep a part of my life as well.
For in this journey where life seems too strange,
It is you, my dear friends, who'd let me find myself.