Friday, December 12, 2008

What a year...

My god...a couple of days more and 2008 is over...I can't believe seeing time fleet so one hurrying wind. I was sure that after this, I will be thinking of writing about something that would make me see my future...with family.

Eventful. This is how I describe my many have happened...some things have gone wasted while some have been readily achieved. I was sure that for the past months, I never really thought that my year would be like this. And now it's as if it just happened yesterday...all turned into mere memories.

First, I started the year re uniting friendships, building old relationships, meeting special friends. Then, I had to endure this terrible pain, agonizing moments like chips off my frame. I was like wallowing behind unknown foes and shadowy lanes. I found myself deciding on matters which would lead me to either past or present. And slowly, I had to find my way in each of them. Full of decisions, surprises and re makes, hehe.

Then there came the survival and acceptance of whatever fate has for me. I decided to continue what would be best for everyone and I had to be firm and strong-minded.

In the end...I realized that regardless of how many adventures or events, I should be ready to fill in the emptiness and have it full with more surprises.

In short...I was taught the biggest lesson and learned.

Oh my!!! I can't even tell how mixed my reactions and emotions were, how lively my days had been, how such had turned from boring to simply carefree...wandering. I never even knew how lucky I was to be here and face the progress, for at some point I felt I'll be dying and will soon be meeting death. Mellow dramatic? Maybe, but that's the only way I got in describing what has been with me this past 2008 and frankly, I am beginning to realize the awe and excitement behind every despair...loss...discouragement.

I can definitely say anything and be with everyone I want but it did not erase the fact that this year, I also spent time with mindful, cold-hearted people. And would you believe how simple things can turn your life around in an instant? Geez, life is incredibly wonderful.

Life is all about love still.

Love on the contrary cannot always be your life. Be smart in choosing who to love.

Trust is power. It can make you see the goodness and once broken, can leave you defenseless.

Getting over and moving forward is a process. It takes time to forget and heal.

Gratitude is something that you must give sincerely. Appreciate whatever life has in store for you...see everything with both eyes open. always...will never leave you. He will be there at your darkest moment and keep you close once you're in dire need. He will supply with air like one tank in re fill.

Eventful....emotionally riveting...pleasant....energizing.
2009 will be the beginning and culmination of everything I learned and kept...

May God continue blessing us!
Keep the faith!!!
Love and be loved....

Happy holidays!!!!
Cheers and kudos for a fruitful year!!!