Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Women: age 30 and up

For us women, age is never just a number. For instance, 7 means proper schooling; 12 is like the end of grade school; 16 is being in 4th year high school and 18 means one's entry to womanhood.
We associate our age usually with our life events, important happenings which create for us all those lovely memories. But what it is with age that women tend to fear? Do we really have to think that getting a year older means diminution in our physicality? Does it really have to be a negative thing? How about "embracing aging gracefully"? Besides, the no. of years we already spent in life means more than just losing one's fair or beauty.

Always keep a positive mind. Be healthy both in spirit and heart. It will help you outgrow insecurities and negate pessimism in our daily living. I must admit that I was a pessimist most of my life, yet it is only when I reached my late 20's when I finally realized LIFE AS A SPRING OF HOPE AND LOVE.