Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Getting my first paycheck as a content developer online did not prevent me from pursuing my another “first love”- shoes. In fact, my hubby knows that I am on the verge of becoming a shoe addict and a sandals aficionado as I keep on buying, purchasing and should I say hoarding what I feel is the most basic need and prime commodity of all time—Shoes!

It has been said that deprivation during your early years is like dealing with some sort of personality disorder come adulthood. For example, if you haven’t got the chance to rack up on clothes, it is likely that you will end up buying lots of fabric, as if nothing’s really enough for you. So, should I say that my deprivation when it comes to shoes affected my thinking that once I got hold of my hard-earned cash, a portion of it is and will always be allotted to my own brand of comfort food.

I first heard about FitFlop barely a year ago and yes, you would think that why a self-confessed shoe aficionado would hear about it later than soon? Well, I have to say that while Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos are way off my radar; my love for what’s stylish, sensible, and practical is what I personally go for.

I hate stilettos and I never looked good in Mary Janes and I do have an off and on relationship with open-toed shoes. And because I’m neither an aspiring model nor a yuppie who’s most likely to sacrifice comfort, I’d rather have the less pretentious, and the comfy sandals and footwear that won’t keep draining my bank account, let alone, add more callus.

But don’t get me wrong. I may not be the first in line when it comes to hearing about this toning footwear, but I keep on targeting its stalls whenever I visit Trinoma or other malls. You may not understand it the way I do but believe me, my long quest for what’s comfy, and usable ended a couple of months ago. I remember when I can’t seem to find that one right shoe. I’ve sailed through dozens of choices, even contemplated buying my first stiletto just to satisfy my insatiable thirst for “the shoe.”

It started like mental suggestion. My friend told me that FitFlop was a great choice, all because while you’re wearing it, you are getting something that other shoe brands can’t possibly do for you- a workout. Well, I have to be honest hear, I’m no health buff so what had drawn me more to the FitFlop is not its famous tag line but its noticeable exterior. Not to forget that one FitFlop model that boasts of sparkly, gem-like studs that make you feel light on your feet and stylish on your toes. And as I keep on counting the days toward my goal, the vision of this endless cue of ladies wearing the same pair kills me, practically draining my spirit and cashing in like tick tocks in an A-Bomb waiting to explode! The cure: Yes, people, I bought my first pair of FitFlop last September and it inspired me to buy more!

Of course, this simple lady deserves something classy so I got my Pietra and how I love its pewter color. This Tone-aholic Surprise (errr…should I say a Toning-inspired Shopaholic buy) deserves its Class-A ratings when it comes to finding the shoe…your shoe (or sandal whichever is your choice). Not only are you wearing something slim and stylish, you are getting a workout at a time when you needed it the most. I also noticed how my posture improved while wearing it, and yes, toning my leg muscles won’t be a problem too. Besides, how can you not enjoy your FitFlops when you can end up having a firmer butt? So now, you are not only getting toned, you finally have a crack at finding the best jeans for you (hitting two birds with one stone).

Now, I can be trendy while donning a casual getup during mall strolls. Now, I can wear “my shoe” without even looking at other stalls. Now, I can say that my quest for that one elusive goal ended with a Tone-aholic surprise that made me love my FitFlops more. :)