Tuesday, September 15, 2009


There are things in life that give you the slightest hint of doubt,
There are those who fuel that doubt and others who satisfy themselves when you are in doubt.

Forgiveness is stronger when you finally realized that you truly deserve a second chance,
when you are ready to face the world again as if you were a newly-born child.

I have kept wounds open for too long, had tried to remedy the pain as if I am a master of my own conviction. At times, when I failed to see my worth... move on, it is now that I am finally seeing the dawn.

Forgiveness is crucial if you cannot live without it,
Forgiveness is like your own brand of self-healing kit.
With the way things have finally shown itself, you will then see how forgiveness returns.

As for myself...it came at a point when I am reading God's message.
It came at a moment when I am no longer weakened by despair.
When I opened my eyes, my heart began to feel better...
When I felt my own touch, it already made me feel that I am finally regaining what was once broken.

Happy Reading! :)