Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Iconography of the Modern Filipina

In a country where men tend to feel superior, I feel that the modern Filipina has a take if not a huge role in molding a society of greatness and equality. This high regard solely comes from my perspective as a young woman, seeing others my age strive for personal growth and fulfillment. Through the years, we have seen the best and worst of times, dictating norms through which Filipino women either adapt or accept, and the best offered what this lifetime has for a woman who wants to stay true to herself…with the worst typifying the kind of abuse and torment a woman faces as cruelty takes place. Neither becomes a help nor resolution unless we see every Filipina and her worth- in its truest sense.

Who is the modern Filipina? Is she the kind who graces someone else’s home donning aprons alone? Or is she the ever seeking, ambitious career woman who prefers work over family and relationships? Does time has something to do with changes in her mind or is it the changes propelling time for women to take charge?

A modern Filipina is someone who regards time as her way of doing…achieving things. She makes use of them with patience and wit; knowing how every minute spells change. There are those whose toughness reveals them in power suits while others in terms of disciplining their kids. She makes every decision with utmost care, bearing that urgency needs not to be quick but wise instead. She makes time her compass, her medium for the world, facing what needs to be faced and doing what needs to be done- not only for herself but for others.

A modern Filipina makes every house a home. Her caressing hands equip oneself of caring for a family she loves; her thinking mind grants her the wisdom to make decisions beneficial to all and her gracious presence provides warmth to a household where children and spouses enjoy. A Filipina is a mother whose love is unconditional. She knows when and where to give compassion, healing wounds and bringing smiles. A mother is the ever nurturing soul…with ears which do not only listen but understands; with lips which do not only kisses but speaks in gentle sparks. At some point in our lives, we knew of our mothers as our savior, and Filipina mothers have always been like that- so ready to care and protect the ones they love…

A modern Filipina is a woman of society. She is well- mannered, and principles define her charm. We believe in the goodness of every man/woman, the capacity to effect change and be instrumental in the betterment of our country. We manage offices; take part in socio-civic affairs. We never just cook or launder clothes for we have our bodies, our minds working …rearing. Every Filipina assumes a role worth knowing as she knows where to go…for what purpose and never departs from challenges.

A modern Filipina is a woman of God. Her beliefs she practices with utmost conviction. Faith brings her to her knees, knowing that there is a greater source of strength beyond her own. She never ridicules someone else’s faith for respect she follows. She holds pride wisely learning that life is a road she cannot travel alone. She recognizes faces for their worth as she wants them to recognize hers along. She holds strongly the fire within, making her friends and family, feel that faith and religion is important for one’s enlightenment, proving how help comes in many ways and forms.

A Filipina is anyone who shares her being unselfishly. Be it at home, work, charity or politics or even religion, she knows where she stands and how she moves. Her beauty is not about color, race, age or body size, it is about her total person, the manner she carries herself to the eyes who may either like or dislike them. Her knowledge goes with experience; it spells brain with a softer brawl for knowing what is right or wrong for herself. She values her conscience and acts accordingly with it, utilizing her hunch and guts to prove it. She is one woman who will never allow anyone to harm her-physically or verbally. For she knows she is capable of self- protecting.

Yes. A modern Filipina is all these and she will always be. Achieve what you conceive and never let anyone utter your voice for you…speak it yourself.

This post is a submission for the WikiPilipinas Filipina Writing Contest. I am a 30-yr. old aspiring writer who feels that Filipinas are great images of substance and wealth, both in mind and heart. Support the Filipina Images campaign and help thrive women empowerment.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I am proud to be a Filipino- for having the sincerest smile even in times of adversity; for being resilient amidst many changes; for valuing family and relationships; for seeking belief during seemingly dark hours, always seeing light at the end of everything.

A Filipino journeys to foreign soil in search of green pastures. What his beloved country fails to deliver, he tends to find beyond his own shores. Yet, a Filipino never forgets. A Filipino will always yearn to go back home.

I am proud for in a Filipino’s mind resides both experience and wisdom. He values education, studies life less its pretensions. Children of poverty most Filipinos are, but dreams remain. It rarely fades as we work our way with ambition. I see this trait in many of us- how we speak not with words but with compassion. How we write merely not in letters but in vivid expression.

A Filipino’s heart is that of a mother- unconditionally nurturing. We love our people and care as if relating with our souls. We can protect and defend the weak, help those in need. Be it a brawl with losing ends, true Filipinos defer surrenders. We are loyal to friends and contend foes but are never too wary of strangers. I am proud to be a Filipino as we take pride in honor and selflessness.

I speak in a strange tongue as if conversing not in a Filipino way but I am doing so for I know what we are capable of doing…achieving. As we go beyond our nation’s realm, we prepare ourselves thinking how being a Filipino means competence and worldliness. We are like wandering fireflies, eager to discover different places yet emit the very Filipino light all the same.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

to have and to hold...

To have what we cherish whoever we love...should be the rightest thing.
We are meant to live and have someone...who simply loves us for who we are.
Neither letters nor words can make us see love, for what it is...
It is always the heart that speaks...

"I love you"... regardless of how many times said will always feel different.
Each time such is uttered- we feel the warmth and sincerity, gracing us with this complete sanity of feeling the greatest emotion...we dare to know.

Have no regrets.

"It ain't true that love is unselfish...for it is.
It ain't true that selfish love is unreal...for it can be."

To have is to hold close the fire ...
To hold is to take each moment and make each day count...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Baby Quotes...

"If loving you depends on time spent, I'd be willing to spend forever.
If loving you depends on fate, I'd be willing to defy what destiny meant."

Love is the greatest equalizer. It goes beyond color, age, and even time. It makes every futile move meaningful as it deals with one's emotions. It gives life to those who have eluded hope. Brings reason to every illogical thought...

Many have decided to love using their hearts way over their minds. No one can ever put the blame to those who did as we knew very well how we love- we are baring our selves in light of public scrutiny; exposing our weaknesses to these jaundiced eyes. Yet, we still dare to feel and love.

It could be true how love works supposedly as a game, where only the strong-willed fits in. That there is no guarantee of winning unless finding someone who simply loves you back. But we keep on playing - all because loving brings us the greatest joy our hearts would always care to find.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Baby Quotes...

"Each day passes but never is my affection; the passion grows but not my inhibitions. If loving you means wading in a pool of lowly lows...I'd rather drown than breathe life without your own."


It was months after she resumed her job as a freelance writer. Been updating contacts; checking her email. As she rummaged through the stacks of paper in front her, Jenna has never imagined finding this one letter that will change her life…and love forever.

It was half past nine and coffee is the only thing keeping Jenna fully awake. In her hand is a pretty neat, white envelope bearing a not-so-unfamiliar name. “This should be him. But how did he..?” Jenna felt, her fingers could not manage to rip or tear a part of it, minding its’ detail inch by inch. “Here goes nothing…,” Jenna thought. First there was the scent of this light-colored stationery, she scanned it seeing the loops and dots all known to be someone else’s handwriting- Francis’.

Francis Cruz. The boy who caught Jenna’s heart a long time ago; the apple of her and her best friend’s eyes too. As she carefully read everything, she suddenly recalled the days when she would speak of him not to everyone but to herself. Wishing at the back of her mind, the endless what-ifs and could’ve been, pretending all the while as this ever loyal friend giving way to a blossoming young love back then. Until that fateful night came…

Gina, her best friend came to her dorm rushing. She was crying and Jenna knew all along- Francis just broke up with her. Gina had been saying things, how it all happened, how he decided to end it anyway. How he said Gina wasn’t the right girl; how he liked someone else. Jenna pretended to just hear but somehow felt guilty. For she knew very well who the woman Francis is talking about…it was Jenna herself.

“Damn it! How could he?! Does he know what I sacrificed for him? I’ve been trying to please him the best way I can. Am I not enough?! Tell me Jen, what’s wrong with me?!”

“Nothing’s wrong with you…nothing.”

If only she had the courage to tell how Francis told her everything the night before. If only she said no then Gina wouldn’t be like this and all is well for sure. But she loves him…way before Gina came…ever since when? Only Jenna knows.

It was a love so unexpected. It was an affair that lasted alongside her best friend’s. It wasn’t right but Jenna can’t refuse, how could she? If her happiness seems to be hers too, sharing a love that is painful for her yet undeniable.

But some secrets are meant to be known. One of them is the love she and Francis have been sharing for nearly six months. Gina never hesitated confronting her, saying the meanest and hurtful words friends wouldn’t dare to. She kept silent…taking it all as if it was her fault…and so she decided to end whatever there is between her and Francis. All said in a letter, no personal meetings whatsoever.

As she finished reading, memories came to her as if it happened just yesterday. The lack of closure, as well as the many unanswered questions, but this time it’s different. Francis is back and Jenna knew guilt is something she won’t bear this time.

Four years had passed. Gina never trusted her again. Francis went on living his life. And Jenna, remained a hopeless romantic, searching for the love she knew she will never find.

If there is something about that letter, it is more than enough for her. Inside is the love that was once raw but real, a love that brought her back both the memories and wonder. Jenna is fully awake now, not because of caffeine but because on the next few days…there is one flight worth-waiting.