Sunday, February 3, 2008

Baby Quotes...

"If loving you depends on time spent, I'd be willing to spend forever.
If loving you depends on fate, I'd be willing to defy what destiny meant."

Love is the greatest equalizer. It goes beyond color, age, and even time. It makes every futile move meaningful as it deals with one's emotions. It gives life to those who have eluded hope. Brings reason to every illogical thought...

Many have decided to love using their hearts way over their minds. No one can ever put the blame to those who did as we knew very well how we love- we are baring our selves in light of public scrutiny; exposing our weaknesses to these jaundiced eyes. Yet, we still dare to feel and love.

It could be true how love works supposedly as a game, where only the strong-willed fits in. That there is no guarantee of winning unless finding someone who simply loves you back. But we keep on playing - all because loving brings us the greatest joy our hearts would always care to find.

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