Thursday, February 14, 2008


I am proud to be a Filipino- for having the sincerest smile even in times of adversity; for being resilient amidst many changes; for valuing family and relationships; for seeking belief during seemingly dark hours, always seeing light at the end of everything.

A Filipino journeys to foreign soil in search of green pastures. What his beloved country fails to deliver, he tends to find beyond his own shores. Yet, a Filipino never forgets. A Filipino will always yearn to go back home.

I am proud for in a Filipino’s mind resides both experience and wisdom. He values education, studies life less its pretensions. Children of poverty most Filipinos are, but dreams remain. It rarely fades as we work our way with ambition. I see this trait in many of us- how we speak not with words but with compassion. How we write merely not in letters but in vivid expression.

A Filipino’s heart is that of a mother- unconditionally nurturing. We love our people and care as if relating with our souls. We can protect and defend the weak, help those in need. Be it a brawl with losing ends, true Filipinos defer surrenders. We are loyal to friends and contend foes but are never too wary of strangers. I am proud to be a Filipino as we take pride in honor and selflessness.

I speak in a strange tongue as if conversing not in a Filipino way but I am doing so for I know what we are capable of doing…achieving. As we go beyond our nation’s realm, we prepare ourselves thinking how being a Filipino means competence and worldliness. We are like wandering fireflies, eager to discover different places yet emit the very Filipino light all the same.

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