Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Things...

I took the idea from my cousin Lalaine after reading her post in Facebook. I got inspired and thought, "what exactly are the things I consider random?" In her post, she took the liberty to list around 25 random things. It involved petty to the most substantive; simple to the most peculiar. Nevertheless, I find it enjoyable to read.

So, here's my take on the list of 'random things.'

  1. Finding myself praying during seemingly-odd moments. Like I get to do it while I lie in my bed subconsciously waiting to fall asleep; I also do it every time I find myself waking up.
  2. I love having my coffee this way- 1 tsp. of instant coffee, 1 1/2 tsps. of sugar. That's it. If I feel like being healthy, I add a half teaspoon of milk.
  3. Doing my hair and dabbing some powder before facing my PC.
  4. Putting a glass of water in front of me, without necessarily drinking it..let's say I just love having it there :)
  5. Arranging my fave pillows according to size, color, etc.
  6. Placing my fave book in front with the others occupying the secluded part of the shelf.
  7. Can't leave my house with the gate and door keys. It has a separate compartment in my bag...always.
  8. I'm a bit OC (obsessive-compulsive), so I make sure that my things are arranged properly. If someone makes a fuss or tries to displace things, I can automatically know. It's like my second nature, hehe.
  9. I heard there are those who can wear their fave jeans twice, but with me...it can never be the case. If I wear it the first time, then it meets the laundry basket right away.
  10. I am more of a routine-loving person, so if ever there is someone/something that disrupts it with no prior notice....I get pissed off.
  11. Tuesdays with Mark. That is the only day that I get to spend quality time with my hubby. Meaning-no work, no other commitments. It's a must! I know that when Tuesdays come, there is simply no other important person than him :)
  12. Cleaning my room every two days. That is thoroughly...
  13. This one started as an acquired habit. Taking a deep breath if I feel depressed or if someone accidentally hit a nerve...but the catch is- I never get to practice this on #8. (It takes awhile though,hehe).
If you feel like writing your own 'random things' list, why not start now. Who knows, you might find a number of surprising things about yourself.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love thoughts Part 2

"Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people's sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes."

Just imagine if we can love fully if not live up to these standards. Most of the time, we are blinded by the emotions we use and feel. We love because of many reasons, some of which bear logic, most of which clueless. We are like souls in constant search of affirmation or love itself.

Yes, people tend to love because of need. The kind of wanting which serves their ego well. If for some reason, this person leaves us wanting for change, then maybe it is not such a bad thing. But when such need turns into selfishness, egos are fed with nothing but false hopes instead.

Is it really hard to love truly? Do we need to love and eventually lose before realizing our mistakes? But what does one need to do in order to love successfully? I guess, the answer lies in our hearts more than our heads.

What makes us selfish is our capacity to react selfishly. We own love the wrong way. We tend to think that the other person is the only one we need when in fact, it can't be the case. We love because we feel it, we love because we know we're giving a part of ourselves. Come to think of it, it was unselfishness bringing two hearts together.

Love needs not to be right or wrong unless you decide which is which. It is always right even though others see nothing of it. It just becomes wrong when we heed to desires and questionable yearnings. Our choices define the way we live as people and it is still our choices that define love along the way. For the truth is-love is something that our hearts see with eyes closed...never open.

Our love may not be perfect...it may not be ideal in itself. But what makes love greater is our ability to choose and feel what must be felt. Of course, we can never just succeed by choosing the ones we love, as such brings nothing to a certain extent. For choices only become truths unfolding once you see respect and understanding.

Love is a great feeling, no doubt. But once you let this feeling overwhelm you, nothing will ever be the same. You will be like one fish out of water. You will be like a spirit blown away by steams of urge and not pure air.

I am not saying that all loves are not bound for greatness. I am saying that love and its depth remains a mystery always. We can always choose but options provide no guarantees. The only workable thing is to risk and hope for something better.

I am in love with this person not because I need him but because I see him changing me.

I am in love with my husband not because he provides well but because he provides me with something more than wealth...he makes me see my own value over and over.

I am in love with him not because he feeds my ego, in fact he puts me rightly in place. He did whatever is necessary to protect me. And even if I refuse to see it myself, he patiently waited.

There was a moment when I felt ours was a love wasted...but his heart refuses to give in. At times when he feels how estranged I'd been...he made me see reasons why it should not be.

I am in love with him for he understands and owns up to his wrongdoings. He is indeed a better man realizing his own strengths...admitting his weaknesses.

I am in love with him for in his eyes, I see how he sees me...

We have been the worst of enemies and became the best of friends. We made mistakes...we have been tested...but love kept us and never failed.