Sunday, April 20, 2008


Decisions in life are like hanging threads. You have to choose and use them to make a perfect if not almost perfect handiwork. I was made to choose from the unlikely to the most favorable threads and I have decided- for the best not of my self but of the people around me.

They're not hanging anymore, for I have come up with a decision to live my life the rightest way. It's true that I have stumbled and fell hard, and standing up is one work in progress. But above anything else, MY MIND SPEAKS NOW.

It could mean a hurt or a broken vow. It could mean restoration and relief. It could spell the difference between a past and a present yet I am deciding now for my future. For whatever life brings me, I am deciding on a fate that is the most suiting and right for me.

"in untying the strings...we either hold or let go...
we choose which is which...hoping that we are making a handiwork so beautiful.
Intricate and sensible."

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