Friday, April 18, 2008

My Other Sister

I took my seven year- leave...away from people who I had a misunderstanding with. Yes, seven years and a lot happened that once I left my reprieve for good, it's like meeting new friends with same old faces.

Actually, it 's not entirely true for even their physique has changed, the looks, some has aged a little, the others have matured and my lovely cousins are all grown up now. How time really flies!

Since I'm done with my hiding and have decided to face what I feared for a long time, I felt relieved that most of them accepted me anyway. That past grudges have been left alongside the passing of time. Of course, it comes up once in a while during chit-chats but we lay most of them to rest since the passing of my grandfather. It's also true that for our family- one's demise proved to be a start to live ourselves.

Nowadays, I'm into rekindling old ties, mending burnt bridges with both friends and loved ones. All because, time has a way of healing that we sort of begin to understand what has happened, how everything has been blown out of proportion and how does pride and resentment ruined years of good old relationships. This is how I found my other sister. The Aunt who seems to be my twin, taking after her ways without knowing it myself.

My husband commented once that I am not like my mother. All because when we're together, you won't find any resemblance at all. Manner of speaking, it's like seeing a different daughter each time. Maybe because, I have lived only a couple of years with compared to the years I spent with that of my grandparents and aunts.

Do not be mistaken but I am still my mother's daughter. It's just that finding my other sister is like bringing back a part of me that is too valuable to be taken for granted.

My Aunt Grace and I practically grew up together. She is several years my senior but we grew up in the family more like in the same time frame. I'd seen how she was with her suitors, even her mischiefs and rebellious ways, and she has been so good to me that I feel so comfortable with her. We became really really close.

I will skip the details of our rift for it's all in the past now. I regretted the time I never showed any appreciation for what she had done and again, I am apologizing for the pride and anger that came along with the fight. We were alike when we're angry and talking of it now, elicits laughs and smiles for we are indeed the same.

I'm not sure if we could bring back the old times. If we could be sisters again. We both have our families now and seeing her is like meeting a long-lost friend...seeing a special pal who's gone to some place and came back.

It's good you know...having you in my life.

"Pride is a luxury that we don't need at all,
Say sorry if you have to and do it properly,
Swallowing one's pride won't hurt...
It is a gain...never a loss."

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