Thursday, April 24, 2008

In Crossing Lines

In a matter of months, my life was changed...I began to see why people do things...for what a death could mean a passing means welcoming.

My grandfather died October 2007. I haven't seen him for seven years and by the time I reached him, he was on his deathbed. I was severely disappointed of myself and endured three agonizing weeks. I literally cried everyday, blaming myself for things I did not do, if not chose to do.

I remember making a pact days after his funeral. I promised him that I would do my best to make most out of my present life; that I will do things and live my dreams anyhow; that I will never disregard anyone and live each day as if it's my last.

That is how I decided to write again...
That is why I am mending broken bridges...
In hope of making every day a proud moment.

In line of doing this, I came across people who re defined my days. I learned to smile and laugh, taking everything not that seriously, and I feel like after a long time, I found myself again.

I met people who made me re discover myself, that I am somebody and that I am important to others.
I have been with those who gave me problems but later on I realized that such only happens so that I could be better.
I made new friends and created new memories, ones which will remain.
I've been with those who made me see my present and in turn, thought of good old days; I once again re connected my youth and gained because of it.

There was a time when lines are crossed...boundaries lifted and it's like being a new person.
For a while, I became fearless. I do things without any guilt. It's living in the very moment...experiencing life the way it is. And I love it...

There are days when my happiness became so overwhelming, that I forgot about others. That for the first time in my life...I am willing to cross roads less taken and I am not afraid.

I am not sure if Grandfather would be proud, for I will still make mistakes.
But then again...He taught me one thing:
It is not about the pitfalls but the journey;
Walking the lines undaunted by anything.

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