Saturday, April 26, 2008


A friend asked me once- how am I dealing with a loss? Do I ever get over it easily? Do I ever get to grieve and accept all for what it is?

I said this and only this:

"Whenever I'm dealing with a loss, I cry until tears run dry;
I give myself a good cry each day...until I get all numb;
I do this for I need it, after a few minutes or so, I feel much better.
And after days of being a total wreck...I move on...leaving all else but memories.
Surely...they make you sad but as always...IT GETS BETTER."

It's true for me, you know. At times, I feel like I'm one crazy person, creating havoc upon oneself but the craziness makes me feel that I was affected and involved; that I being a wreck is not bad as long as sanity sets in after,hehe.

I mean...we always get back on track regardless of how hard it is.
Unbelievably, we always do...all because we know that at the end of the day, we have so many things to thank for and appreciate life beyond its' flaws and shortcomings.

We become stronger without realizing it. We continually struggle but then, we know that given the chance again- we won't change anything. I won't...for I know that facing it again means being myself once more. And the experience to hurt and forgive sums it all. Most importantly...the chance given to you is priceless even if it means a loss.

"memories make you sad...but it gets better.
In always does. "

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