Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happiness In You

Being happy is a matter of perspective, others did say. It is also a matter of choice.Happiness is the only thing everyone aims for- be it in their personal lives or career. And there is nothing wrong asking or needing it for happiness is man's ultimate satisfaction.

I'm the kind who do value people and relationships too much. I am one of those who feel that the capacity to show concern is innate in all of us. We can have friends in total strangers and love our enemies if one decides to. I am all about spreading love in hope of receiving love too. Am I too dependent on other people since I am somewhat expecting rewards in knowing and befriending them? One may argue that is one form of selfishness but I disagree still. For whenever I lend my ears to someone, I am for the listening; whenever I listen...I try to understand.

Being the kind of person I am, I can say I am happy each time I meet friends and chat with them. Update each other with current affairs, feeling extremely happy if I learned they're doing really really well in their lives. I can say that I don't mind staying in a coffee shop and freely talk as if we're the only ones present, speak our minds and hearts out, connecting and re connecting some more. That to me is the dynamics of socializing, if not be friending. For in any type of relationship, communicating serves as the ever flowing fountain of concern and love.

I believe that my happiness is partly achieved through people I meet and have a relationship with. They could be my source of strength and courage when all else fail. They could inspire me to do better and never stop dreaming. They could hold my hand when I need comfort and embrace my weaknesses. They could see me in ways no one else can. They could point out bad habits and make me change them. They could remind me of what I had never seen or failed to see. They are the very people who makes me appreciate life and makes me live it even more.

My happiness is both a choice and a matter of perspective. I find it in people who are important to me, the ones who remind me how to be human each day.

That I am happy knowing that I gained friends and loved-ones and every chance of knowing them, is a choice I'll gladly have.

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