Sunday, April 6, 2008

love thoughts...

I know I'm one hopeless romantic. When I was still single, I often think of love as magic. Maybe my thing for romanticism comes from what I witnessed on others' stories- how they began, progress and end. As always, I aim for a perfect, happy ending. I guess, everyone wants that for themselves.

I've written articles about love. How such is a game where only the strong fits in. It's also true, I guess. For when you are loving someone, you give your best, hoping that you'll be loved back. It is just plain sad that not all relationships last. That hearts are broken along the way and harboring the hurt is doubly difficult. It's like losing a part of yourself too. Breaking apart from what your heart desires. Simply, when one is hurting, no advice is deemed understandable or comprehensive enough.

If knowing that you lost someone is terrible, what more the healing; moving on. Friends can give you their best advice, people can say what's rational and must be done yet it is just not easy. Of course, it takes time. It takes guts and acceptance. None of which comes convenient at a time but when you do start moving on, you'll know you're healing alongside it. It is always tough and painful, it is always a dreaded path where no one wants to go, but just like life- you need to.

When I was younger, I believe that there's always someone meant for you. It may not be what your heart desires, but once you leave all based on what they are, you'll learn that what you have is truly what love meant for you to have.

Never ignore the one who's beside you. Do not overlook the soul nearest you...for he/she could be the one for you.

Continue loving and have no regrets in loving someone, be it a happy or sad ending. What matters is that you know how to.

Yes, it is a game but it doesn't have to be about winning after all.

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