Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a memoir...

I remember how I enjoyed reading when I was young. Books for me provide a different kind of sanctuary...a haven where time is yours for the taking.

Some find reading boring. But to me, I don't think I'll ever find it boring. It's just being in a zone where you read other's thoughts and feel the same emotions as if they're your own.

When I was nine, I wrote my first poem. Too bad, I don't have it now but the memory of it...still vivid. So distinct in fact, that it's like seeing this girl, in her little sun dress, sitting in front of the terrace, holding her pencil jotting down words. That was me, aching to learn anything...hoping that these 2-3 lines of phrases would be enough to pass as poetry.

Reading made me appreciate words as well as rain. How come? For there was this defining moment when I stood beside a window pane, holding my English book, hearing the spatter of rain drops falling. You may find this strange but I believe it was my first time experiencing focus. It's like amidst the noise of these tiny drops, with waters dripping and all, I found all else a comfort. Unbelievably, the rain became soothing like a sort of healing. That is why, whenever rains pour...I am comfortably at ease with everything.

It amazes me now- how I view these things. This is one of the reasons why childhood, everybody's childhood seems memorable. It reminds us how to see the smallest of things in a bigger picture. Taking it all in...just living for the moment. So carefree...wittingly innocent.

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