Sunday, June 1, 2008

How Do I Treat My Writing Projects

Hello! I know, It's been in. I have not been able to update my personal blog for I have been working on several assignments now, no time left to do it. But I'm very glad for I don't have to think of procrastination or doing unnecessary stuff to keep me busy. I have plenty on my plate to deal with and I'm practically happy :).

So let's go back now to my writing...well, It's a passion, an undying interest that I know will haunt me for the rest of my days (do I sound too spooky,hehe). What I meant was, I abandoned it for some period in my past and every now and then, it seems so strange thinking how a voice keeps on telling me that writing will do me good and I will never go wrong with it (despite the criticisms, rejections, etc.) I guess, each of us knows what we're born to do, sort of, it's just a matter of giving in to it in the process.

Right now, I'm excited to inform you, family and friends, included that I finally realized how my writing serves me well, if not serves me best. I landed this project, my first that actually pays good money, and along the way I've experienced how hard yet satisfying my writing could be. The thing about freelancing is- you never knew how many projects would come your way; what kind of clients you're gonna deal with even the frustrations behind getting payments. What initiated me to pursue this, I must say, isn't financial at all. Believe me- I may be the kind who splurge on certain things like shoes or clothes (who doesn't? I'm a girl for God's sake,hehe) but when it comes to writing, I could be a little naive, dumb, easily-taken advantage other words- I am willing to take the downside, embrace it wholeheartedly just for the sake of my first love. To me, as long as I can write, can share a bit of myself in whatever form be it through the profiles, essays,etc. I am totally happy. Yeah, you could comment that being kinda shallow but I don't care at all. That's truth of being me.

So, how do I treat my projects? Simply, I treat them as my own. Even though, there were some which leave you with no bylines at all, I still treat them special. I never settle for less. I wanted each written piece to have a personality in itself. A part of it must give me the gratifying smile after I re read it or there should lines/sentences in it which I would die of reading over and over- meaning...words which define myself as a writer, a patent through words, that's what I call it.
This may leave some of you wondering- what the heck is she thinking? Is she for real? I maybe wrong but I decided to say these since a close friend once said, "My God, Jinks! you're one of a kind, me amats ka minsan(in english? I could be on the verge of being sane or insane for I treat my projects like true-blooded children).

To justify it, it's no different with guys who value their toys/cars; girls who drool over expensive shoes/bags; a child craving for chicken or pizza; or moms wanting dads to come up with a surprise. Simply,it's finding your greatest joy in things you know you can do; knowing by heart that even if someone else's deems better, you take pride in believing that you and your work is something you created with forbearance and virtue. It's your work of art...your valued possession. But in it also comes the faith that whatever you delivered best is a feat bigger than yourself, for your gift comes from a higher power who appreciates you returning the glory. It's something I dare not to forget.

Do your best in everything you do...
For yourself, others and God's too...
For life is about exploring and searching, it's about letting your real self shine through.

Happy Reading! till next time!
Ciao!!! :)

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