Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Calculated Risk.

Is there such a thing as calculated risk? For someone who is a pessimist and a non-risk taker, there isn't. But for someone who believes in taking steps with caution, there is.

I am the former and my husband is the latter (to a certain degree, I must say). We never really argued over it for we both believe in one thing- change. We know that in our eight year together, we are facing issues known to ourselves which need much resolving. We want to discuss how these changes can take effect and affect our lives long-term.

Last night...Mark and I... we're again having difficulty sleeping. All because we are somewhat thinking of taking steps towards a major change. I can't really point out details for they were personal, however, what matters is that we are talking, talking and talking. And last but definitely not the least, we are listening.

The bottom line? We are thinking of each one's welfare and happiness. That such cannot be gained alone; that in us talking things over means open-mindedness and resolution.

I want him to be happy.
He wants me to be happy,too.
I want him to succeed.
And he wants me to achieve something for myself,too.

As long as we know we have each other...with or without affluence...a risk is one we're willing to take to calculate not the numbers but the years we would experience together.


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