Thursday, June 12, 2008

Curiosity kills the cat...

I am one impulsive person. I react in an instant...cannot really contain my emotions to the point of facing adversity head on. I have no qualms when it comes to expressing what I really feel or else I'll be like one sleepy giant volcano, building up steam just to hurl it against who and whatever. Yes, I know that I have to practice a little self-control's hard. Again, if this petite body turns into some cuddly pet with cute almond eyes and whiskers in it...I am certainly one dead cat. And mind you- it's not just about curiosity but the impatience, mood swings, etc.

Honestly, I am not that bad,hehe. I couldn't hold my temper at times yet I definitely know when to stop. I could be very forgiving too. But timing holds the key to that inner fortress of silence and cold treatment( ask my husband, he knows for sure,haha).

As of this writing, I'm in sort of a dilemma. The last project I had was due last Saturday and after that...I'm itching to write again. I cannot bear the thought of letting this week pass without substantial work that I decided to hover across sites and references to find simply anything. This is a dimmer truth behind my so-called job- for all you know, you find yourself jobless in a week or so. Oh, My! Do I need to say bye-bye to those lovely pair of Ked's I'd seen two weeks ago? Tsk...tsk...tsk...what a waste.Thanks to my husband...he understands.(a million kisses to you,hehe).

Anyways, this piece is entitled- 'curiosity kills the cat' because I feel that lately, I have been either too mindful if not mindfully careless when it comes to my action and reactions and reactions again,hehe. It's like when I needed something done, I'm always in a hurry that's why I overlook some details and need to go back after doing some re-tracing( which means lots of work,too). In the end, I am filled with anxiety or worry for instead of doing what should be done, I end up doing what I think must be done, according to my preferences and all. The forgotten details will later pile up till they become noticeable. And to think...I...being overly cautious and meticulous towards work cannot apply it rigorously to practicality and that's where real hurt begins.

Now, my practice patience a little bit more; make my work ethic translate the same thing towards my 'real' life and end up not being too curious or impatient...both for things known and unknown. Which means, a deduction from a number of poor cat souls whose bodies sprawled lifeless on street floors. Am I being too graphic now? Sorry, no harm meant at all.

Happy Reading!!! ( can't believe I typed that,hehe)

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