Saturday, June 7, 2008

Welcome back, Nina!!!

Remember when I said how I'd been with friends for so long? How I try to keep the friendship through the years? Well, let me introduce you to one of them, a very good friend when I was still in grade school and would like to think we are still now.

Whenever I relate stories of my childhood, I cannot help but think of my good old elementary days. Honestly, I had fun in school. There, I met so many wonderful people and it relieves me to think that time has not changed them, most of them still remain as honest, sincere and fun-loving. You can obviously take away the innocence but some of the childish bruhaha somehow stays, when we're together,hehe.

Let me take you to one of the memories I have about this friend...
We became close only time knows when, and taken part in various contests when we're still studying. Crescinia or Nina to her friends, was one of the most hardworking students I know and excels in class always. We both are competitors that time but what makes our friendship seemingly perfect was the fact that we can get rid of our game on faces and be like children when we're supposed to. I also remember how we visit each other's homes after school or weekends, we play the infamous Chinese garter or jump rope, also hopscotch and hide and seek. Name it and certainly we played it,hehe. One of the things Nina did for me that I can't forget was when I got sick one time. I recall needing a copy of prayer/verses and she did give me one, patiently handwritten and delivered on time. I must say, that us being close, made us see each other behind all the books and tedious assignments or competitions. What's great is that- we never really regard each other as antagonists or mere counterparts. We are friends, that's all. No matters remain unsaid or bad secrets kept. Back then,we look for each ones' strengths and support each one's weaknesses like best friends do. Of course, we have other buddies outside 'our circle',that due to the truth that Nina is really a good soul. There's no mean bone in her body, I can say that with all sincerity. The more reason why I feel blessed to have known her not later but sooner.

When I first hand out a message to her online, I was glad for she remembers our good old days. We exchanged ideas, shared personal things and made revelations along the way. Now, she is back and I am so happy. At a time we lost touch and had no idea of each other's whereabouts, one could easily say it's one friendship down the drain. But as others used to say- There are no things lost that can't be found again.

Welcome back!!! nice to have you here.

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