Thursday, June 26, 2008

What I ask in my prayers?

As a young girl, I often regard prayers as my passageway to heaven's gate; it is the only key to having a talk with God; a direct line of conversation. I feel that it doesn't really matter whether or not prayers are heard or ignored, for I feel and believe God has his own means of knowing our heart's whispers just even before we utter them. It's a formality of sort.

I also thought of prayers as my way of conversing with a imaginary one at that. Every time I feel scared or lost, I pray. Each day, when I have within untold wishes even secret keepings, I pray. My life is synonymous with prayers like one silver lining. It is my well of well of dreams.

In my early teens up till my late twenty's , I seem to pray for survival. My challenges then were insurmountable that my premier haven would be the church (in Baclaran). Whenever I feel weak and depressed; happy and blessed, I pray and render my heartfelt thanks. To me, my prayers relieve me of unpleasantness, thus, giving me the faith that whatever I am facing has it's meted end.

Nowadays, I pray not for my needs but for my husband, family and friends. I pray for their good health and fortune. I pray for their blessings and personal retribution. Anyone who had graced my life, affected me big or small, I pray for them...yes, even former friends, I still do. It was never an act of hypocrisy whatsoever for everyone must be blessed no matter what. I never wanted anyone to feel he has little or less in life. And if my prayers, even for the tiniest bit it could provide, I hope it would help. I will gladly pray for them as I feel for them too and are still important.

Prayers are powerful in a sense that it provides hope.
It gives us this feeling of belongingness...realizing that you are never alone.

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