Friday, June 6, 2008


"A person should get to have a whole life."- from Allison of Private Practice

The thing I love about foreign TV shows is that they can show you powerful emotions without creating too much drama; a scene can move you to tears without necessarily overdoing everything and the bottom line get to see...appreciate...learn aspects in life thus making you think.

For those who never really know 'Private Practice"- it's about a story of a medical practitioner who decided to start anew in a place without life constantly whispering her past. It is actually a take off from another TV show, Grey's Anatomy but instead focuses more on Allison( the ex of Meredith Grey's Mc dreamy,hehe). Well, so much for that I think.

Now, let's go to the serious but enlightening part, of what my post is really about.
A person should get to have a whole life...what does this mean? The line stayed in my mind really simply because I also believe in making the most of what you have, in making things happen, in taking risks and grabbing chances if not chasing dreams. I was a firm believer of said things not till I decided to leave all else behind due to fear of what could have been. A mistake...I must say.

Each of us has a life to live. We are presented with options and given opportunities. At some point, we struggle to define what's out there for us. What do we really want in life? And setting priorities highly become hindrances or bumps in fulfilling our purpose in life.

What I'm trying to say is this- we have a life that's meant to be lived. A person must be able to see himself growing and stepping out of his shell to make things really happen. It's not about perfection or not committing mistakes. In fact, it's about learning how to make mistakes. Do not think of standards or the whys or hows, think of your life as a stone waiting to be turned.

Let me give you an example...if someone asks you, "what will you do if you only have 24 hours to live? Answers would come in different forms, sizes and shapes, of course. Some would say they'll take the nearest flight and go some place else, others would claim spending valuable minutes with those who matter to them the most, while some would just continue with what they're doing and treat it no differently, just like any other day. Those are answers from people who prioritize base on what they feel suits their life best. It's not about pleasing others or delaying the grudge but being yourself. You can get to have a whole life if you know where you stand now and how will you move from there. You can get to live life if you think less of ideals and think more of realities. Of course, life is a launching pad of anything, everything and you can expect all things possible to happen. But as always, do not be afraid to swim even though you can't for in life, mistakes can serve as your biggest blessings.

Hope that I made you think,hehe.
Happy Reading!!!
Ciao :)

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