Saturday, May 10, 2008

Permissive Will.

Permissive Will.

* doing things even if it's not yet time.

* doing them thinking it's God and Life's way of showing everything to us.

* but the truth is_ we're making it...doing it on "our time".

Yesterday evening till wee hours in the morning, I had a friendly chat, I must say a good one with a sister. We are traversing the road of perception and self- determination when the thing about permissive will came up.

According to my friend, a mate of hers told her about it. That sometimes people tend to do things, make it feel as if fate brought it upon themselves to relish...where in fact, they're nothing but self- inflicted injuries in the making. Ouch!

Yes, folks. I know, the truth hurts. It's nothing but denial plastered all over like a bad, tainted kind of freakish-looking wall paper,hehe. Yup, that's the main thing really. Ouch again!

Let me give you an example:

E.g. Let's're sleeping in a room with only one window. You have managed to keep it close for months knowing that this bratty little sis of yours normally has the habit of pretending she's one superhero trying to climb anything unstable,hazardous etc. Beyond the window stood a lovely apple tree, already bearing these red,plump, appetite inducing produce which your sister does not only love but crave for. You told her it's better to wait for Dad picking some come Sunday than try to get it by herself...she pretends to have listened and walked out on you one day. So, you thought all else's settled but wait...

Sunday came. And the brat anxiously waited...she knew daddy will still get some but she can't pull herself together much longer...she decided to go for it and climb. As daddy turned his back, the sister run her way to your room, opened the window and tried to reach for the branch nearby. Guess what happened next? There goes she...bearing a number of ugly bruises plus a broken rib. Were the apples worth the risk? NO.

Permissive Will teaches us to respect time for its being and events for their happening.
We badly want to happen.
We believe it's meant to be there for us to climb, reach or get.
We take the risk of seeing what our eyes only want to see...denying that somewhere lurks danger.

There are principles, I know and I believe in them too.
There are people and things worth fighting for...that's also true.
But if these things are voicing out a tinge of gray when it's supposed to be white...go and ask yourselves? Do you really in really that God's giving it to you? Can you honestly say that whatever risk your taking isn't a fruit of one's defiance to fulfill selfishness?

For God even life brings you whatever it is that is necessary. You are rewarded with blessings regardless of how such we're brought into your life. You need not force them to happen...

Unless you wanted a couple of nasty-looking bruises, too? A broken rib perhaps?
I don't think so.

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