Friday, May 2, 2008

Beating Writer's Block

My husband and I purchased this desktop in 2004, thinking of getting connected online...finally! No one really needs it badly but we decided that it would be convenient having one and so we did.

I don't know about him but my first thoughts were like: Yes! I could write, write and write at my pace, thinking not the inconvenience of doing it outside but the power to express myself with just a few clicks and all. So selfishly convenient, don't you think? hehe.

Anyways, I'm the type who loves doing my writing old-style. I keep notes, papers and notebooks where my first creations took refuge, and they pile up and end up in waste cans. Especially when your Mom forgot to ask you first if those were important. So, there they were burnt to extinction...thinking of them now makes me sad ( that? due to I, also being a pack rat,hehe).

Back to the topic, I have adopted certain habits when it comes to writing:
Like...I wanted to have my paper and pen with me...always ready as if I can't have hard copy.
That...I usually write about love, relationships, heartaches and pain, as if I write my best pieces when I'm at my emotional worst,haha!
That...I love doing it mid afternoon...with a mug of coffee on my side. Truly, caffeine fixes my mood.
That...nowadays...I love, no...I'm prompted to write very late due to inconsistent sleep practices.
That...while working on an essay...I would suddenly find my brains prodding me to write about something else...I have a limited attention span and my writing helps me widen it somehow,retain focus even for a while. Thank God!

Actually, the reason why I'm doing this is because I've been battling with writer's block this very time. I have set my plans and hopefully get started on essays I have been dying to submit but failed to do it for weeks now. I don't know...I'm not inspired and I feel a work done half-heartedly is not a good one at all. I'd rather take my time than submit mediocre articles buzzing rejection.

I read somewhere that the only way to beat writer's block is to write.
Even if it's all nonsense, the thing is- you are slowly motivating yourself to write at a much controlled pace...allow yourself to take time until every suitable factor gets back to life.
The motivation...willingness... intensity of emotions, concentration.

I even resorted to rewriting just to overcome procrastination and hopefully the articles will be ready soon!

Happy Reading!

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