Wednesday, May 7, 2008

this is one of those days....

Last night, I was feeling so much better...but now, it seems that I've taken the plunge a bit too early. This passes as one of those days wherein you can't exactly pinpoint sadness and its source. It's like I'm too lazy to do anything; wanted to rest but my mind keeps on battling against it. Aaaaaah! I don't know what's wrong with me!?

But then I am always struggling to survive whatever thing that bothers me this much. As far as I remember, every thing is fine except a couple of loopholes,here and there, but who doesn't have any?

I had a fateful meeting with someone who brings either bliss or pain. Yeah...that's right, some person who stirred in me both happiness and disgust. Who made me feel the extremes, nothing in between.

I thought I was done with the thinking but showing up just like that? Got to say, I was never prepared.
But then again...I know that after this, I'll be fine.
I'm too fly to be depressed ( remember Ne-yo,hehe).
I just hated this feeling for I'm supposed to be stronger now.

these I part of a higher plan...a test of endurance.
With me either giving in or not.
I will not. Never will I give in.

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