Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In seeing old friends...

Last May 3, I went out swimming with grade school friends. It's a get together, hoping many would come but a raring number showed up,hehe. The eager ones, I must say.

It's nice talking of those days, our teachers, how we were with each other. It's a good feeling knowing that a part of us remains young and upbeat, that years did not take away the genuineness of things.

We grew and become us...today. Some had gone having families and rearing children. Some had stayed single but happy. None of which changed the fact that hanging out with each other makes us all glad. For a few hours from night till 4 am...we felt how memories stay no matter what.

If there is a particular reason which made me even happier was seeing my good friend...Jocelyn.
Back then, we were like a trio- I, Jocelyn and Ann Cheryl. We do things together. Eat lunch and plan things together. We're like the Yayas' and the Sisters. We're somewhat inseparable and up to now, Jocelyn remembers, how cool is that? :)

She showed me a picture of her daughter. And meeting her husband, seeing how they are towards each other...I see that she is clearly happy and blessed. She works as a teacher and honestly, I never imagined her being one...ooops! Sorry :)

With that being said...we plan for another outing next year. We think of doing something every year, for that matter. And I will always look forward seeing them all again and again.

Friends to me...they're not just anybody.
They're always somebody. They make you see what you are...how you'd been as days went by.

Happy Reading!!!
Ciao!!! :)

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