Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thoughts in Random

The following are words, more or less ideas pertaining to my old and new way of thinking. Since then, I have formed this habit of taking down notes, as if I squeeze details out my head, and as expected, I often see them as random thoughts appearing constantly like woes and tales of fears and dreams.

* There are ways to enrich oneself...nurture your gifts. All you have to do is acknowledge, seek them out and earn your way through it.

*Patience is hard work's kin. They go together so well that beautiful and inspiring things surround them.

*Life is a drawer with us serving its keys.

*Finding the rightest thing could lead us to roads less traveled.

*Earn for yourself the kindness of strangers and there you'll see more friends.

*Love as if you run out of time and each act will last forever.

I don't know how they come about and speak to me like murmurs in the wind. To me, they are expressions of my inner conscience; adaptations of cryptic knowledge.

Whatever message they convey, I do hope each comes as a lovely present that will bring me happiness and enlightenment.

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