Friday, November 21, 2008

Got to see "Twilight."

A flick full of action and romance; a drama set in the deepest forests of Forks with its roots all the way from Seattle; a flight of both life and dreams where beginnings never end and endings have beginnings...'s the latest craze after Harry's and is expected to rise even way beyond it.

You have to give full credit to Stephenie Meyer for writing this series of tales, a saga that's waiting to evolve from something scary to romantic. None other than..."Twilight."

Honestly, I have started collecting books after buying my first set- The Harry Potter series then it was soon followed by C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. My addiction for fantasy is somewhat made real through these books and glad that I did.

"Twilight" is bent on becoming a classic. Aside from the fact that it appeals to a wider audience, it also catches the attention of vampire stories' enthusiasts around the globe. It was beautifully written making use of vivid descriptions and intensified emotions; it transcends the fluidity of life in time and makes love a complexity worthy to own.

Got to say the characters evoke in them personalities of pros and cons; the highlights of the story marked by Edward's mysterious facade and Bella's inquisitive approach. You will notice the writer's expertise as she shows the details through descriptions as if each setting is being seen at hand. You will naturally feel how each page makes you crave for more as if you're one vampire on the hunt...

I really can't wait to watch this film come November 26th though I have to wait further than that. And since my insatiable thirst for this romantic adventure won't be quenched for now...the least thing that I can do was to draw first blood in buying the second book entitled "New Moon."

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