Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Move forward and never look back

The very first step in moving on is the ability to take steps backward. It is more of knowing and understanding what happened and not focusing on what merely went wrong. It is like taking in the loss and understanding what you have gained in the experience...what lessons it taught you and what future days will bring.

It is never easy. In fact, it is always difficult and hard to take. But remember- the harder the steps, the greater the reward.

We should not be tied up with past problems as it will consume you...break you. Thinking of problems and heart aches over and over will make you feel weak and ill. You will feel lonely and depressed; you will eventually give up and lose everything you worked hard for.

In making these steps, remind yourself of good things and blessings.

Reward yourself with minor achievements. Successful people revel on goals fulfilled and jobs greatly finished.

Gratitude is essential in seeing beneath life's treasure chest. God is great for he remembers and never forgets. He showers us with love and not just second chances.

Prioritize and never compromise loved ones and family. Be thankful for them. Surround them with affection and support their needs in ways you can.

Start your day with a prayer and end it with affirmation. Compassion is evident in words of heart and inner self.

Moving on does not only refer to a broken heart or unfulfilled promises. It has something to do with living and continually seeing life.

Moving on is like sailing the ocean amidst angry waves; a journey which will make you stronger and happier.

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