Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blind No More

About a week ago, I came across an email which literally took my interest and put my convictions to a halt. It has something to do with a short film, featuring a blind man begging on the streets. In it, many people stared, a couple dropped coins into the man's tin can while others never even stop to look or pay attention whatsoever. It was pretty much a scene that for others if not for some is quite ordinary. But then as the short film keeps on reeling, you would see this man passing by, who stopped for a moment and got hold of the beggar's sign. He took it, write something on it and put it back in place, just beside the old man's. As hours pass, you would notice the difference, people are starting to pay attention, dropping their change or coins, seemingly giving without holding back. It's amazing! But have you ever thought of asking- what did the man put on the beggar's sign? what stirred the interests and created the change?

With every sound of these coins dropping, the old man knows how full the tin can has become. That probably, he is having his greatest day ever. People for awhile stopped this time not ignoring his presence, taking at least minimal interest towards a beggar who practically stayed and lived on the streets. For sure, it was not the first time some of them had seen him yet now they are there noticing

As the beggar hears and perceives all these, the man who came before dropped by later that day. The blind man, knowing it was him, finally asked, "What did you do with my sign?" Then the man, donning his power suit and clean shoes so replied, "Nothing, I'd written the same thing but with different words." And then he left...

As for the sign? The beggar initially wrote these,

"Have compassion...I am blind."

then the man ended up writing these,

"Today is a beautiful day and I can't see it."

See, nothing can be taken away from someone who realizes things differently. It is true that life is a matter of perspective. You conceive something nice and positive, and the results would follow the same. Think of life as something negative, and you will end up perished and agonizing.

The man helped the beggar in the most simple yet rational way. He had not just given him a spare of change but a sign that would make him feel seen and appreciated. A very simple story but with a blessed end.

Happy reading!!!

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