Saturday, August 16, 2008

A tenacious bite.

After almost a month, I am here again, reiterating the fact that my work is my greatest passion. For years, I have been struggling to see its benefits and recently, I had a taste of its value. Several projects later, I am now an online essay writer. I've been writing articles and essays for other people, and is being compensated out of it. A good feeling, especially that my passion is slowly becoming my 'bread and butter'.

I never really thought that writing would serve me this well. I am grateful that of all the skills available to man, I did have a share in it. I will never run out of words expressing the simplest and inconceivable joy I'm having; the presence of blessings that come my way each day and the kind of life I am living- imperfect, full of flaws and challenges. It takes more than courage, come to think of it, it takes tenacity and determination to say that "life is good....God is great."

The good always...provides.
Happy Reading ! Ciao!

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