Sunday, March 9, 2008

holding back the tears...

As we learn to deal with life...we keep hoping that everyone who graces our lives would be worth knowing. As it turned out, some are and some people aren't. If they turn out to be friendly and nice even great, we are indeed lucky...but if they turn out to be otherwise...we should be prepared.

I have met good people and glad I did. Till now, I cherish their friendship. I value their love and affection, concern and thoughtfulness. If there is one feeling that relieves us of all pain- that would have to be comforting and kind words from people. Be it a simple pat on the back; a warm embrace or a smile, it gives us this wonderful feeling that not all things are lost anyway.

I have met not-so-good ones too. I also cherished their time and effort but I'm not that sure if there is friendship or any kind of relationship involved. I also don't know how to deal with these people afterwards...since if you have been sincere all'll be hurt for sure if they turn out as not.

Regrets. One may choose to have none but it's hard to not have any. At some moments, you would feel the need to hurt and accept the harshness of men and their actions. Along the way of accepting, you'll be truly hurt that words come out like bullets out of nowhere. They're unstoppable as each tends to wound but never heal...

Yes, I thought regrets are not acceptable, but I'm having a hard time not entertaining any. Once you're betrayed and left bleeding...your wounds hurt even more and if ever time subsides the pain...there'll be scars to make you remember after all.

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