Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It is now that I finally decided to pursue blogging. It was not too long ago, when I wanted to monetize and start a blog that addresses women concerns. To start it off, I readily searched for sites that empower women through writing. As you can see, I am in the midst of waiting for my next project; some job that will take off come mid May and the waiting led to resistance and frustration so to speak.

I do not normally write about these feelings here, simply because I wanted to keep everything discreet. However, I find it hard to follow my mind for my heart speaks louder. I am on the brink of losing hope and I know, that such is one tragedy to make.

With the intent of reviving this blog and letting others know more about my writing, I decided to write this piece. I am a writer and my heart will always favor writing. The world might think that I am a big mess; a fur ball that is running out of steam...on the contrary, the more I feel this frustration, the more willing I become to prove something....

May the good Lord guide me in my journey....it is He who gave me the will and it is only He who will make things happen.


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